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Stellux LED LLC



Offering Stellux's
Energy Lifecycle
Cost Savings Solutions
Guaranteed, Immediate
Energy Savings with
No Capital Cost


Stellux LED LLC™ offers a wide range of competitively priced, high-performance lighting solutions for retrofit and new construction for commercial, industrial and government applications and projects.


As a leader in LED innovation, Stellux utilizes the most highly advanced technologies including our specialized graphene modules and proprietary wireless IoT (Internet of Things) based Intelligent Control System. Through our proprietary Energy Cost Savings Solutions, we help clients save up to 90% in energy costs. As well as save you money, our product will give you improved security and a healthier lighting environment.

Stellux's primary focus is to deliver maximum ROI by providing the highest quality product, service and training, regardless of the project's size and scope.


Approved Contractor & Vendor


We offer turn-key 'Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ solutions that eliminate deferred maintenance and affect the triple-bottom-line; resulting in municipal [City/County/Provincial] infrastructure that is optimized and modernized.

We invest in robust engineering and “smart” technology which results in cost savings and long-term benefits.

use iNET™ IoT
Intelligent Lighting Network
Control Systems

iNET™ is a cloud based wireless smart system features lighting management, data transmission, traffic monitoring, PM2.5 (atmospheric particles), seismic activity and much more.


RICHARD LIAN, Principal, Managing Partner and Founder of Primitus International Partners LLC, (PIP) is currently orchestrating, developing, and co-managing significant nine-figure business transactions with multi-national firms in the private and public sectors domestically and internationally, with a primary focus on the MENA region where he has decades in standing with influential relationships.

Mr. Lian, the catalyst and strategist for a significant amount of business being conducted worldwide; is orchestrating, negotiating, facilitating, and providing Project Management and Program Management guidance for numerous business transactions and projects for STELLUX LED LLC™ and PHOTONIQ LED LIGHTING LLC, both solely owned by PIP, as well as for strategic partners GIGACRETE INC., STACS COMMUNICATIONS and International Joint Venture Partner E-LITE SEMICONDUCTOR CO. LTD™.


He is the visionary launching the construction of two (2) mega-manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and MENA region for STELLUX LED LLC™ and GIGACRETE INC. presently in progress. 


Mr. Lian is the driving force behind a multi-billion-dollar Mega-Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; an enormous LED retrofit beginning in Riyadh extending throughout the Kingdom. He is also facilitating the Estrella Mountain Ranch housing development in Arizona, supporting the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman VISION 2030  with numerous mega Solar Power projects currently in development for infrastructure and existing government facilities for energy savings and efficiency, and enhancing sustainability and resiliency, acting in concert with several of the most influential organizations in the Kingdom. 


Mr. Richard Lian is a motivated influencer with decades-old, “key-player” relationships bringing his wealth of expertise to a wide array of projects beginning with “start-position” negotiating through to critical strategic alliances; from the development and construction phase for mid-sized and mega-projects including (but not limited to) design, finance and build stages, to completion. 

Stellux LED conducts business around the globe including the USA, Kuwait, Argentina, Israel, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, UAE, Thailand, and others  
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Stellux LED LLC™ and their associates secure the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's coveted ESCO License

Frideswide Capital Partners, LLC ("FCP") and its Partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ("KSA"), "MIC" and its subsidiaries under the guidance of Dr. Dilshad Nouri received the coveted Energy Service Companies Licensing, the "ESCO License" on the 19th of May 2021 (#1010275875 & PE20200200033) (Saudi Energy Efficiency Center)


The accreditation from "KSA" commenced in October 2019 and followed the guidelines of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center and "ESCOS Licensing Committee" requirements (Version #02); and the National Energy Services Company ("TARSHID") (Invitation for Prequalification) Reference Number SL-20184001, Version 002, Dated 10 April 2018 and was officially obtained after extensive, diligent, and due diligence qualification process under the "KSA" agency oversight. 


This significant achievement, the "ESCO License", will minimize any perceived or real competition in the "KSA"... and will maximize our competitive advantages. 

Stellux LED LLC™ products are approved in numerous States' DOT (Dept. of Transportation)

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Managing Member Richard Lian 

visits one of Stellux's partner's manufacturing facilities in Chengdu, China, underpinning Stellux LED's international marketing program.


Richard Lian - Principal

(646) 879-8360

Bennie Yee - Agent / Partner
Lynn Yao - Agent / Parrtner

Corporate Office

4625 W. Nevso Drive

Suites 2 & 3

Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 910-9789

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