Stellux and a strategic partner facilitate investments

in social infrastructure projects for the MUSH market (Municipalities, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, as well as Airports, Prisons, Water, Energy and Transport Authorities.)

The benefits of our Sustainability-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement includes:

  • No Capex

  • Reduced Utility Usage & Costs

  • Positive Impact on Bal Sheet

  • SP covers maintenance and warranty

  • Modern Technologies

  • Monthly Contract and Transactions

  • Exeed Sustainability Goals and Objectives

  • Leverages existing facilities

  • Ability to immediately re-invest savings

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

The Old Becomes Forever Young

Unregulated Micro Utilities for the MUSH market elimination of CapEx with immediate real reductions in the total cost of infrastructure.

We invest in infrastructure with a mandate to deliver reliable, safe and efficient devices in a manner that protects taxpayers and the institutions that serve them.

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