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Stellux LED LLC™ in a Joint Venture Partnership with E-Lite Semiconductor Co. Ltd. offers clients cutting-edge exterior lights for sporting facilities, streets and highways, retail and commercial buildings, the MUSH market and more.

Products & Systems

A "typical" 12m Smart-Pole houses the following feature sets:


1. Light pole 12m high

2. Smart LED light fixture with controller node

3. Future 5G connection structure on the pole top

4. Air quality sensor

5. Temperature sensor

6. Humidity sensor

7. Noise sensor

8. Wifi, covering 150m distance

9. LED display, P4 outdoor 1536*768mm

10. Broadcast speaker

11. One-push-bottom emergency call

12. Cellphone charging station, 5 USB ports

13. Electrical car charging station, 7000W AC output

14. One-pole system integration box

15. Surveillance camera, 2 million pixel

Smart Pole Configurations

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